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Help us PREVENT Watercare from damaging the beautiful land and community of Oratia with its massive water treatment plant.

Oratia Heritage Society is a non-profit community organisation established in 2017 to protect and enhance the natural, cultural, social, and heritage features of Parker Road and Oratia. It needs to raise funds to cover legal and expert witness expenses for opposing the Watercare development.  

The Oratia community and the Society will be grateful for any donation you can make to this cause. Donations can be made directly to our Kiwibank account at 38 9018 0573182 00. 

In the bank reference please include your initials, surname and the word “donation”. Unless you wish to remain anonymous, please email us at the Society at to let us know you have made a donation, as we would like to send you our thanks.

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Guardians of Oratia Gallery Image # 8 - Ross Viskovich - "We are surrounded by loving friends and family, this community is not your average community, we all have ties and friendships with roots that run deeper that any Kauri Tree. We have friends I grew up with inside and outside the red zone, not only would we lose our home but they will lose as well. Those that stay will lose their lifelong friends and family members. Tearing a wonderful community like ours apart is nothing short of criminal." #saveoratia #guardiansoforatia ... See MoreSee Less

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